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While a person is incarcerated, the institutional parole agent and institutional counselor are the best sources of information for that person. Incarcerated individuals often ask family members or friends to contact the Parole Board to see if a quicker response can be obtained, or to “speed up” the process on their behalf.

The staff members who work as state correctional institution (SCI) parole agents and counselors have the most accurate and up-to-date information available. These staff members can provide all case status information directly to the incarcerated person. The Parole Board's privacy regulation prohibit discussing specific case details with anyone other than the inmate/parolee or his/her attorney, even if those loved ones are a family member or friend.

Each SCI has parole staff. The individual who is incarcerated needs to complete an inmate request slip to ask his/her question(s) to the SCI parole institutional staff. After he or she receives answers to their individual question(s), these answers may then be relayed to family members or friends.


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​The “right” to parole

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​Submitting Court Documents/Case Updates to the Parole Board

​Minimum Date versus Parole Release Date


​Parole Interview/Hearing Docket

​Home Plan Status

​Parole Approval versus Parole Release from Incarceration

​Parole Release into the Community from Incarceration

​The Assigned Parole Agent: The First Point of Contact